1. Restless Wind
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Restless Wind

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Blow Restless Wind give me a travelling Breeze,
show me open highway where i may feel at ease.
Give me an endless journey, make everyone my friend,
because someday Restless Wind I'll be blowing through again.

Take me to Nova Scotia, see some friends I know,
and on up through New Brunswick where that St. John River flows.
When I get to old Quebec I'll catch me a train,
push on out westward and chase the April rain.
Sweep me across the Prairies to the forests tall and green,
in them snow capped Rockies let me stop to dream.
If I make to Vancouver and she's found someone else,
my destination, I wont even know myself.

Perhaps I'll try Alaska, or maybe Yellowknife
where the Northern Lights can warm my heart, on a cold and frigid night.
When I'm done my travelling, my feet to tired to roam,
I'll ask the Restless Wind to carry my ashes home.